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You've Got Two Months To Finish Your Costumes

Can you dodge the bullets of time and budgetary constraints?

Not with out help, you can't. So, let's see if we can help each other.

What Are You Doing? How Far Along Are You? What Materials/Props/Help Do You Need?

I'll start:
I'm doing Wolverine from the NEW X-MEN comics, a "casual" Wolverine look, and a Matrix punk.

The Wolverine...well the claws are taking longer than I thought, since I keep having to start over on the physical mechanism that allows them to shoot out and retract. The electronics still work like a dream, though so I'm hopefull. I have the boots, pants, "X" belt-buckle (but no belt, yet)and, most importantly, facial hair. The jacket peices have been cut out, but I only just started sewing.

Casual, or "Logan" Wolverine: I have boots and ripped jeans. All I need now is a black wife-beater and a cowboy hat.

Matrix Punk: Like the Jedi Punks of last year, this is an excuse to wander around Dragon*Con in club-kit, carrying weapons. My psuedo-cassok is finished, but I'd love some sais to carry around with it. I oughta get some sort of phone, too..

Also, if anyone has access to a band-saw with a metal-cutting blade, and wouls let me use it, I'd sure appriecate it. It would save me a lot of time, claw wise.

I'm also doing a Deathstryke costume for Beth, which I haven't even started on yet. Well, I got her gloves...

How about you?
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