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sohma g. dawling

heh, i'm famous!

just sent off the images and text for dragoncon promotions

my bio, i think it's lame but it's too lates to change that:
Sohma G. Dawling has spent 4 years transforming the web cam into a tool for artistic expression, and has redefined the use of online journals as an art form.

As of the past year, her words have inspired many far and wide, music wise. In the U.K., recording artist Deathboy, has used a sample of her audio journal in one of his songs. She also already appears in the thank you notes on Deathboy's latest release "music to crash cars to" In Canada, ambient band Angel On Fire has not only used a vocal sample of hers, but also has also collaborated with her for another song, making two tracks she will be on in their upcoming album. She is working with 4 more music artists, up and down the east coast, dealing with sound samples and her own new original works sculpted just for them.

Visually, since her last visit to DragonCon, she has taken on the task of finding somebody to help her re-vamp her site (whole new look, layout, and over 2,000 new images added by the end of the year) and is painstakingly archiving photographs she has taken of her friends. Sohma has been working on a series of drawings that she includes in her online journal as well as her photography, and continues to paint in different medias. She doesn't want the reader to just experience her emotions verbally, but to set the mood visually as well.

Also in the works, is a music video she is directing for the band Enc0der.

Needless to day, it's been a busy year for her.
images used: [color] [b/w] [drawing]

so.. whaddja think?
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