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awe yeah... it's cause i'm the shit!

"Ummm... Is Gwar cleared for fire?"
Congratulations, you are the ULTIMATE DRAGON*CON
GEEK!! You hang out with the Guests of Honor,
hide from Oompa, and have blisters the size of
animals by the time it's all over. But, hey,
look on the bright side- you also get to have
pie after the show and go to Dead Dog!! Maybe
this year, you'll even get to adjust Spike's
microphone. Lucky you, buddy!

How Big of a Dragon*Con Geek Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
seems like a lot of costume making is in the works this year. only a month and a half is left to go. do you guys have things falling into place and getting everything ready?

if you're wanting to go and still have not ordered your badge, today is the last day to do so and get the discount rate. so you better hurry or else pay full price!

got your room sorted out? who you are rooming with?
how about who you are riding down with?
is anybody out of the loop on anything?
are you even going?

ahhhhh 47 days away.
he he he, i'm thankful i got it easy.
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