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thursday night/friday morning of next week

ok... what's the plans?

i think it would be awesome company if we drove together as a group, hopefully heading out around 8 am friday morning.
raleigh/hillsborough people: i suggest driving over thursday evening crashing at my place so we can get a start in the morning, hopefully pack up that evening so we can just wake up and GO.

greensboro people: you all up for leaving at that time? driving down near each other and all that?
the sooner we leave, the sooner we get there. it's _around_ 6 hour drive from my place. i know my way around atlanta really gawd damn well (seeing i used to live there).

mike is letting me use his walkie talkies. my older brother already claimed one of them. i know nick and alison have walkie talkies that are compatable. anybody else have some? it makes keeping in contact really damn easy.

any other last minute things to take care of?
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