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my bio on the website: here
they didn't put the whole thing i submitted :( nor even the right picture, that is from last year!

23 days away from the con
we almost lost terrag!
we're trying to pull some strings to ensure his presance!
what is d*con without.... JACK!?!??!

@ the con stuff!
the room i'll be in consists of:
rick/grimepoch, his bother chris/betic, me/theinnocence, my brother garrett/terrag and nathan/nguinn

i think our plan is to leave thursday the second and head down so we can get started on day on and be ready to go! see you suckas there!
btw, i changed my phone plan so now i can get class while at the con. who needs walkie talkies when you got a cell phone, yo?

now, for some great news!
goes to mike/teranm!
his short film has made it to the short film finals this year!
we all NEED to be in the screening room @ 1pm on saturday to watch his short film and vote for which you think is best.
(if you don't think it's mike, lie anyways so the guy can win. ;) support your local artists and your homies, motha fuckas!)

my panels:
Web Cam Girls 7:00 pm, saturday
My So-Called LiveJournal (.com) 8:30 pm, sunday
plan accordingly, fuckers. i'm gonna TRY to do this sober this year. i said try.
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