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what's the crew to do? [entries|friends|calendar]
sohma's con posse

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updates! [10 Aug 2004|11:34am]

my bio on the website: here
they didn't put the whole thing i submitted :( nor even the right picture, that is from last year!

23 days away from the con
we almost lost terrag!
we're trying to pull some strings to ensure his presance!
what is d*con without.... JACK!?!??!

@ the con stuff!
the room i'll be in consists of:
rick/grimepoch, his bother chris/betic, me/theinnocence, my brother garrett/terrag and nathan/nguinn

i think our plan is to leave thursday the second and head down so we can get started on day on and be ready to go! see you suckas there!
btw, i changed my phone plan so now i can get class while at the con. who needs walkie talkies when you got a cell phone, yo?

now, for some great news!
goes to mike/teranm!
his short film has made it to the short film finals this year!
we all NEED to be in the screening room @ 1pm on saturday to watch his short film and vote for which you think is best.
(if you don't think it's mike, lie anyways so the guy can win. ;) support your local artists and your homies, motha fuckas!)

my panels:
Web Cam Girls 7:00 pm, saturday
My So-Called LiveJournal (.com) 8:30 pm, sunday
plan accordingly, fuckers. i'm gonna TRY to do this sober this year. i said try.
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warren at the con! [28 Apr 2004|10:34am]

btw, nick informed me warren will be at d*con
warren confirmed and is open to the fact i want to give him lots and lots of hugs. he even said he'll buy me drinks.

i'm so excited that i actually get to hug him lots and lots. he's so fucking nice to me. :D
he's like my british jared. i hope he lives up to my jared standards.
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costumes? [16 Apr 2004|11:11am]

ya know, i don't like dressing up in costumes or anything, really.
i just like walking around and watching people.
watching them be stupid, or cool, or funny or what the fuck ever

but i thought about a character i think i might like to dress up as.
heh, but i'm not a guy... SO THAT SUCKS.
i doubt i would wear the costume anyways.

heh, delirum, tank girl and shade the ever changing man.

or i can just go as me and swear at people who ask me what i'm dressed as, again, like i do every year.
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wooooooooooooooooo! [07 Apr 2004|12:09pm]

[ mood | excited ]

dragon*con is only 149 days away!

seeing that nick and i will be unemployed pretty soon, i'm sure we're gonna have enough time to dick around and think about all the cool things we're gonna see and do the first weekend of september.

but for now, who's planning on going?
are you gonna have a costume, if so what? is it a group thing? (i noticed jared wanted the angel crew!)
who wants to room with whom?

the leauge of the_uncanny is supposed to have a session!

note that prices have gone up this year! holy shit.
$60 to May 14, 2004
$70 to July 15, 2004
$85 thereafter, and at the door.

people of note already guests atthis point i think you might like:
Julie Benz (darla on btvs and angel), Richard Biggs (b5), David Carradine (dude, if i get to hold him up drunk again this year, i think i'm set) Jason Carter (b5), Gil Gerard (buck rogers), Erin Gray (buck rogers AND silver spoons and baywatch!), Dean Haglund (HOLY FUCK! LONE GUNMEN!), Anthony Michael Hall (need i say more? i think not!), John Kassir (the crypt keeper! fucking a!)

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[03 Sep 2003|12:31pm]

[ mood | happy yet queasy ]

garret as agent jack
http://models.badpuppy.com/kocky/dcon/d2k3/Sunday/hallway/images/DSC00012.jpg <- doing his speech!

nick and jared in hellsing costumes

erik day as wolfwood

rick as the prince

duane as shower fresh man!
if you find more pictures of any of us, comment and i will add them to this list. if you TOOK any pictures, please do share! I WANNA SEE!

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thursday night/friday morning of next week [20 Aug 2003|02:28pm]

ok... what's the plans?

i think it would be awesome company if we drove together as a group, hopefully heading out around 8 am friday morning.
raleigh/hillsborough people: i suggest driving over thursday evening crashing at my place so we can get a start in the morning, hopefully pack up that evening so we can just wake up and GO.

greensboro people: you all up for leaving at that time? driving down near each other and all that?
the sooner we leave, the sooner we get there. it's _around_ 6 hour drive from my place. i know my way around atlanta really gawd damn well (seeing i used to live there).

mike is letting me use his walkie talkies. my older brother already claimed one of them. i know nick and alison have walkie talkies that are compatable. anybody else have some? it makes keeping in contact really damn easy.

any other last minute things to take care of?
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Wheels. [15 Aug 2003|06:47pm]

It's a long road to Atlanta. Who's leaving from where? Who's riding in who's car? Who's gonna haul alla my stuff?
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HELP! [06 Aug 2003|11:24pm]

Ok folks, I am requesting a little help.
My sister is coming down from Indiana for the con. She really wants to do Enid(ghostworld), but cannot find a cat mask. The one place she found is in the UK and cannot ship in time. If anyone has one she could borrow for the weekend it would be greatly appreciated. If anything, point us in the right direction on finding one in the next few weeks. Thanks alot!
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things i NEED to know [06 Aug 2003|04:16pm]

i need to know who all is going and who i am getting in cheaper.
dragon*con is picky about numbers, and all.

sami, you still going? rick i know for sure is going. and garrett, aka JACK.
was t here anybody else going that i was going to help get in?

in other news, the dragon*con website posted photos of me.

added: oh yeah! who do i get to sleep next to?
he he he he...
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[29 Jul 2003|12:16am]

Well, on a whim I decided to do my akira biker clown costume again this year. Although I'm going to modify it and hopefully it will look better this year. I don't think I'm going to do the matrix twin. I can only afford so much. Went to the thrift store today for costume stuff and really scored. It just happened to be half price day. Synchronicity rocks.
I'm looking forward to dragon*con and seeing/meeting everyone.
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Community [23 Jul 2003|10:58pm]

Ummm. I don't know how I am suddenly in this community, but I am. I just wanted to make that very clear, because the fact that I have joined without knowing it is very strange.
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[23 Jul 2003|01:00pm]

check it out, they posted my bio but not my pic. hrm.... i gotta e-mail them. about that. don't fricking hound me for photos an dthen not use them.

main site -> guest listing -> bio
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [23 Jul 2003|09:23am]

[ mood | [blank] ]

WHO'S BACK? that's right.


he's working on getting his airline tickets today and seeing about getting his own hotel room in the marriot. he is "a mob of one"

aren't you excited? can't you feel it? he's passing up las vegas to go to this, and he's more wild and crazy than last year.

make plans to make plans with this guy, he brings adventure everywhere he goes. cant forget his daring escape from the cops last year, in what could only be described as a movie like experiance.

jack, is back, motha fuckas! represent!!!!
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awe yeah... it's cause i'm the shit! [14 Jul 2003|03:22pm]

"Ummm... Is Gwar cleared for fire?"
Congratulations, you are the ULTIMATE DRAGON*CON
GEEK!! You hang out with the Guests of Honor,
hide from Oompa, and have blisters the size of
animals by the time it's all over. But, hey,
look on the bright side- you also get to have
pie after the show and go to Dead Dog!! Maybe
this year, you'll even get to adjust Spike's
microphone. Lucky you, buddy!

How Big of a Dragon*Con Geek Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
seems like a lot of costume making is in the works this year. only a month and a half is left to go. do you guys have things falling into place and getting everything ready?

if you're wanting to go and still have not ordered your badge, today is the last day to do so and get the discount rate. so you better hurry or else pay full price!

got your room sorted out? who you are rooming with?
how about who you are riding down with?
is anybody out of the loop on anything?
are you even going?

ahhhhh 47 days away.
he he he, i'm thankful i got it easy.
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heh, i'm famous! [08 Jul 2003|01:27am]

just sent off the images and text for dragoncon promotions

my bio, i think it's lame but it's too lates to change that:
Sohma G. Dawling has spent 4 years transforming the web cam into a tool for artistic expression, and has redefined the use of online journals as an art form.

As of the past year, her words have inspired many far and wide, music wise. In the U.K., recording artist Deathboy, has used a sample of her audio journal in one of his songs. She also already appears in the thank you notes on Deathboy's latest release "music to crash cars to" In Canada, ambient band Angel On Fire has not only used a vocal sample of hers, but also has also collaborated with her for another song, making two tracks she will be on in their upcoming album. She is working with 4 more music artists, up and down the east coast, dealing with sound samples and her own new original works sculpted just for them.

Visually, since her last visit to DragonCon, she has taken on the task of finding somebody to help her re-vamp her site (whole new look, layout, and over 2,000 new images added by the end of the year) and is painstakingly archiving photographs she has taken of her friends. Sohma has been working on a series of drawings that she includes in her online journal as well as her photography, and continues to paint in different medias. She doesn't want the reader to just experience her emotions verbally, but to set the mood visually as well.

Also in the works, is a music video she is directing for the band Enc0der.

Needless to day, it's been a busy year for her.
images used: [color] [b/w] [drawing]

so.. whaddja think?
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You've Got Two Months To Finish Your Costumes [02 Jul 2003|01:09pm]

Can you dodge the bullets of time and budgetary constraints?

Not with out help, you can't. So, let's see if we can help each other.

What Are You Doing? How Far Along Are You? What Materials/Props/Help Do You Need?

I'll start:
I'm doing Wolverine from the NEW X-MEN comics, a "casual" Wolverine look, and a Matrix punk.

The Wolverine...well the claws are taking longer than I thought, since I keep having to start over on the physical mechanism that allows them to shoot out and retract. The electronics still work like a dream, though so I'm hopefull. I have the boots, pants, "X" belt-buckle (but no belt, yet)and, most importantly, facial hair. The jacket peices have been cut out, but I only just started sewing.

Casual, or "Logan" Wolverine: I have boots and ripped jeans. All I need now is a black wife-beater and a cowboy hat.

Matrix Punk: Like the Jedi Punks of last year, this is an excuse to wander around Dragon*Con in club-kit, carrying weapons. My psuedo-cassok is finished, but I'd love some sais to carry around with it. I oughta get some sort of phone, too..

Also, if anyone has access to a band-saw with a metal-cutting blade, and wouls let me use it, I'd sure appriecate it. It would save me a lot of time, claw wise.

I'm also doing a Deathstryke costume for Beth, which I haven't even started on yet. Well, I got her gloves...

How about you?
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i need your help, urgently. [dragon*con stuffs] [01 Jul 2003|10:18am]

i need to submit a photo/drawing of me to go in the books at dragon*con
i am thinking of this drawing: drawing01


i am thinking of this image: image01
or if there is another photo you've seen or know of me since aug of last year you think is a better representation i would be willing to give freely of who i am and my site and journal self, then please do post a link or send the picture to me. or hell, if you did a drawing of me, show me. remember this is going to accompany my bio, which i am writing today.

i need to come to a descion by the end of today, picture wise.
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[16 Jun 2003|02:14am]

hello all. I live about twenty minutes from con central. if anyone needs a place to crash my door is open. if you're a friend of rosalie, you're a friend of mine.
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The Danger Room has been reserved [03 Jun 2003|08:50pm]

One very nice wedge-shaped room has been claimed by me for Dragon*Con weekend. Naturally, is is too large (cough) for just me. Obviously, maxmercury14 being blood, is going to sleep there. And sinamingirl has requested a spot in the Danger Room, so how can I say no?

But that still leaves so extra floor and bed space. I imagine we could squeeze in, what, 3 or 4 more? Easy.

Who wants in The Danger Room?
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[02 Jun 2003|02:54pm]

costumes: how are people's costumes coming along?

rooms: anybody decided who they are rooming with yet?

going: hell anybody sure they are going?
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