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dragon*con is only 149 days away!

seeing that nick and i will be unemployed pretty soon, i'm sure we're gonna have enough time to dick around and think about all the cool things we're gonna see and do the first weekend of september.

but for now, who's planning on going?
are you gonna have a costume, if so what? is it a group thing? (i noticed jared wanted the angel crew!)
who wants to room with whom?

the leauge of the_uncanny is supposed to have a session!

note that prices have gone up this year! holy shit.
$60 to May 14, 2004
$70 to July 15, 2004
$85 thereafter, and at the door.

people of note already guests atthis point i think you might like:
Julie Benz (darla on btvs and angel), Richard Biggs (b5), David Carradine (dude, if i get to hold him up drunk again this year, i think i'm set) Jason Carter (b5), Gil Gerard (buck rogers), Erin Gray (buck rogers AND silver spoons and baywatch!), Dean Haglund (HOLY FUCK! LONE GUNMEN!), Anthony Michael Hall (need i say more? i think not!), John Kassir (the crypt keeper! fucking a!)
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